Luxor Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
Mar 2 - 6, 2016
Thank You!

We want to extend a giant THANK YOU to everyone who participated and danced in this year's Vegas Open Dance Challenge! You made this year's event the best ever and we are so grateful to all of you!!!

We also wanted to thank all of our amazing staff... our judges, emcees, Mark Brock and Dan Messenger for keeping the energy so fun in the ballroom, the scrutineers, invigilators Beth Knoll and Jennifer Booth, front desk administrators, Brent Thomas Mills and Keith Todd for the great music, Justin Deehr and Gigi LaValle Foland-Sida for keeping everyone in line, my runners who we couldn't live without.... You made the event run so smoothly and we couldn't have done it without you!

A very special thank you to Richard Booth and Ava Kaye for helping us with the schedule...they stayed up all night for 3 nights to help figure it all out! Thank you to our wonderful vendors who help make the event special and also a special thanks to Donna Edelstein and Paradigm Dvd for the fabulous videos that they created over the weekend, to Christopher Hansen Photography for the beautiful photos that he is known for, and also to Mark Weiss for the amazing job he did with the ballroom set up and lighting!


We look forward to seeing you again in 2016!

Maria, Paul & Mikal



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